where should i go?
alone in the dead of night
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TRACK: Passion
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did i really expect to be able to sleep last night pls

i tried singing Passion at 4 am to celebrate the resurrection of the Kingdom Hearts fandom and the glory and wonder of our lord and savior Square Enix, it didn’t go as planned but i don’t give a FUCK (but pls use headphones it makes a really big difference)

the piano was taken from a Synthesia arrangement found here, the voice is my voice

one day i’ll sleep again

one day

H̻̭̼͛̚̕͡Ą͎͚̱̞̬̯̤̗̘ͯ̄ͨͪ̄͋͡I̬̬̋ͮ̎ͩ̒L̴̵̳̘̰̦̪̝̔͑ͩͬͮͥͅ ͬ̾͋̏̀҉̢̘̱S̵̳̭͇̺ͤ̉́ͩͣ̌̎͐ͩŎ̄̀͂̏̾̚̚҉̦̘̼̺͖̱̪Ń̵͎̩̥͚̽̍ͅY̧̼̤͇̪̯͍̋͑ͅ   

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TRACK: Bran Bal, The Village Without Souls (Vocal)
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Oh my god I’m on such a roll with these FF covers

Today I decided to make a vocal version of Bran Bal, The Village Without Souls from FFIX. It’s one of the more haunting songs I’ve grown to love; the lyrics are shabby as usual, but they’re supposed to reflect the events of the game, so whatever. Again, headphones make this much, much better USE THEM pls thank you

I was really struck by Bran Bal because the more Zidane explores the village, the more dissonant and ambivalent he becomes. The home he’s longed for - the place he’s always yearned to find - is a shell of what he dreamed it would be. I wanted to convey that, which is why it’s a call and response which, to our horror, converges into one sermon.

Album art by Nelly (oeilvert.tumblr.com)!


Come, child, breathe in the light
Carry your soul in the night
Blood doesn’t flow in this realm
Death lies not in this hell

Brothers and sisters lay wait
(Why did I come to this place?)
Watching the blue light abate
(Is this the place I’ll call home?)
Keepers and guardians cry
(What did I hope I would find?)
For grace’s sweet reprise

Is this the reason I’ve waited so long?
Biding my time on the shores?
Seeing a glimpse to what I once knew?
Has my one dream fallen through?

Come, child, breathe in the light
(Carry me home, I am scared)
Carry your soul in the night
(Hold me and don’t let me go)
Blood doesn’t flow in this realm
(I’ve become cold, I need-)

Death lies not in this hell

Brothers and sisters lay wait
Watching the blue light abate
Keepers and guardians cry
For grace’s sweet reprise

Keeper of time, show me your hand
Down in the depths of your lair
Give me my answers, or strike down my will
Make me an angel once more

TRACK: Hope's Theme (Vocal)
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So I did a vocal version of Hope’s theme! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE USE HEADPHONES IF YOU LISTEN TO IT I AM BEGGING YOU laptop speakers just kill it aaaahhhhh

I always find myself singing it, so I jotted down some lyrics last night and churned it out in the EMS when I had some time today.

Obviously the first half is about a very scared young boy; the latter half is a very brave young man who was reborn by the end of his journey. I really love Hope Estheim a lot, he probably went through the most unbelievable development out of the entire cast.


Etro divine, can you hear my prayer?
Send me a sign if you dare.
Lost in the dark, guide me through these lands.
Help me to find my way home.

How can I say I’ve lost her?
Will he accept me now?
Stay with me, lead me through
I can’t do this alone.

Warrior, forge me a new stone heart.
Strength is my only reprise.


Etro divine, can you hear my prayer?
Send me a sign if she’s there.
Lost in the dark, guide her through your lair,
Help her to find her way home.

How can she see I’ve lost her?
Will she accept what I am?
Bring me her sword, her fire,
I can’t let her fight alone.

Warrior, rise, and return with the sun.
Strength with you, find me once more.

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ARTIST: Rosie (theatrhythm.tumblr.com)
TRACK: Lightning's Theme (Vocal)
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I got bored and wanted to mess around in the studio again so I made a vocal version of Lightning’s theme to follow up after Hope’s! Let me stress again to PLEASE USE HEADPHONES sweet baby Odin it makes so much of a difference. 

I kinda shat out the lyrics in a very impromptu fashion but hopefully they work with the fair Farron. I wanted it to incorporate her transition from weak teenager to solid soldier to furious l’Cie rebel, and I think it matches all right.


Back when I was still just a girl
I would watch the great cities burn
Steel that cuts through bone
And wars that can’t be won

Oh, this night they’ll know how
Lightning strikes

 Breaking chains and stealing blood
I’ll carve my way into the dawn
Ride the tides and clear the field
I’ll take what’s mine and what they owe

Hold the reigns and turning odds
I may be fighting fate
But the dirt roads are clearing
I see my path now lit
With blinding light

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